USN Diet Fuel Ultralean Protein Blend

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  • Meal Replacement Shake
  • Supports your weight loss goals
  • Supports Muscle Recovery

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What is Diet Fuel Ultralean? The USN Diet Fuel Ultralean is quite simply, a high protein and high-fibre meal replacement shake that can offer you a convenient meal on the go. This can in turn help you to not only maintain a diet that’s balanced but improve on what you currently eat on a daily basis and ensure that you are getting great quality and essential nutrients into your body.

What are the benefits? Safe and healthy weight loss along with the maintenance of a healthy body and mind are best achieved by being consistent and following a few simple sounding steps. Eat a balanced diet, containing wholefoods Remain calorie-controlled Get regular exercise However, it's not always that easy. We all have a busy lifestyle, which can make it a constant challenge on a daily basis to eat right and exercise hard. This is where USN’s Diet Fuel Ultra Lean comes in to lend a helping hand.

Is this product for me? Diet Fuel Ultralean is suitable for any fitness enthusiast that has weight loss goals. With these goals, you must combine your hard-work in the gym with a balanced diet. For this reason we’ve provided a healthy meal replacement shake containing the nutrients you need to combine with your goals.

Suitable for men and women alike, the added convenience our filling meal replacement provides is ideal as a substitute for one of your meals.


Typical Nutrition Information (Average Values) Serving size: 55g (2 rounded scoops)

Serving Size: 2 scoops (27.5g each)
Energy Per 100g 1530kj (364kcal) %RDA Per 55g 842kj (200kcal)  %RDA
 Protein  46.1g    25.4g  
 Carbohydrate      of which sugars 31.4g 4.7g   17.3g 2.6g  
 Total Fat     of which saturates          linoleic acid (LA)  4.5g  1.3g 1.8g   2.5g 0.7g 1g  
 Fibre  6.2g   3.6g  
 Sodium  0.619g    0.341g  
 Vitamin A  436µg  55  240µg  30
 Vitamin D  3µg  55 1.7µg  30
 Vitamin E  7.4mg  55  4mg  30
 Vitamin C  44mg  55  24mg  30
 Vitamin B1  0.6mg  55  0.3mg  30
 Vitamin B2  0.9mg  64  0.5mg  35
 Niacin  9.8mg  61 5.4mg  34
 Vitamin B6  0.8mg  59  0.5mg  32
Folic Acid 110µg  55  61µg  30
Vitamin B12 1.4µg  57  0.77µg  31
Biotin 28µg  56  15µg  30
Panthothenic Acid 3.4mg  57  1.9mg  31
Potassium 921mg 46  507mg  25
Calcium 605mg 76  333mg 42
Phosphorus  375mg 54  206mg 30
Magnesium 205mg 55  113mg 30
Iron  7mg  55 4mg  30
Zinc  9mg  62  5mg  34
Copper 0.5mg  55  0.3mg  30
Maganese 1mg  55  0.6mg  30
Selenium 30µg  55  16.5µg  30
Chromium  62µg  55 34µg  85
Iodine  82µg  55  45µg  30
 Recommended Daily Allowance

Whey protein concentrate (46%) Maltodextrin Soy protein isolate Cocoa powder (only in chocolate flavour) HI-MAIZE® Resistant starch Calcium caseinate Freeze dried coffee (only in Caffè Late flavour) Fructose Sunflower oil powder Inulin Milk protein isolate (92% micellar casein) Tri-potassium citrate Garcinia cambogia (1.8%) Micronised milk mineral complex Rice starch Colour [Red beet powder (only in strawberry flavour; Beta-carotene (only in banana flavour)], Flavouring (excl. Caffè Late flavour) Stabilisers (Guar & Xanthan gum) Magnesium oxide Non-nutritive sweetener (Sucralose) Ascorbic acid, Ferrous fumarate D-Alphatocopheryl acetate Zinc citrate Nicotinamide Manganese ascorbate Tolerase™L (pH-stable lactase) Copper bisglycinate D-Calcium pantothenate Retinyl palmitate Cyanocobalamin Biotin Cholecalcipherol Pyridoxine HCl Riboflavin Thiamin HCl Chromium picolinate Potassium iodate Folic acid Sodium selenate Allergens: Cow’s Milk & Soy. Ingredients may also contain traces of tree nuts, peanuts and crustaceans. - See more at:

For a smooth and tasty shake, simply take the following steps: Add 2 rounded 55g scoops to 200-300ml of cold water (you can use skimmed milk if you prefer) Mix thoroughly by shaking in your USN shaker for about 30 seconds. ƒƒ Have 1-3 servings daily - Depending on how many meals/snacks you are aiming to replace. Each 55g serving of Diet Fuel Ultra Lean contains 200kCal of energy, 25 grams of protein, 16g of carbohydrate and just 2g of fat. It also contains the important electrolytes sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium, and a range of vitamins that support a healthy diet. Diet Fuel contains a high volume of fibre. Dietary fibre forms an important part of a healthy diet. - See more at:

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