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  • 1,250 calories of quality with every single shake
  • Serious muscle growth potential with 50g of protein and 250g of carbs per serving
  • Consume between meals, after your workout or even before bed
  • Suitable for vegetarians

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For some people the workout routine and schedule is all about making some serious weight gains. As far as mass gainer shakes go there is little else on the market today that can match Serious Mass for its potent muscle growth ingredients and formula. Serious Mass is the ultimate in weight-gain formula!

• 1,250 calories of quality with every single shake
• Serious muscle growth potential with 50g of protein and 250g of carbs per serving
• Consume between meals, after your workout or even before bed
• Suitable for vegetarians

What You Need to Know
If you are looking to gain some serious weight, in a short period of time, Serious Mass is the product for you. A shake that offers a high quantity of quality calories, for those who are serious trainers and are working out on a regular basis. It is an easy way to digest calories that help you gain the weight you are looking to add to your frame.
Serious Mass is the perfect product for those with fast metabolisms and struggle to gain weight. If you perform a lot of cardio and need to top up your weight and gain mass, it is the right choice for you. The best times to consume the Serious Mass shake as part of your workout regime is when you are in a phase of gaining weight as quickly as possible, without the fear of having a little bit of fat as a result. It’s a great post-workout option for high cardiovascular activities where carbohydrates resources begin to run low.
• Recommended Use – This mass gainer shake is suitable for use whenever you feel it necessary as part of your workout schedule, but works best when you consume it between meals, or straight after your workout. If you are looking for serious and rapid gains why not try taking it before bedtime also?

• Mix 2 scoops of Serious Mass with either milk or water before consuming.

How Does it Work?

Serious Mass offers a simple formula to help you reach your weight gain goals and deliver the perfect framework and body for those who have struggled to put weight on in the past.

Gain Weight Fast – A whopping 1,250 calories of the highest quality is being delivered direct to your body with every shake to give you the best chance to succeed with your body goals!

No Added Sugar – With no additional sugar, your body is just receiving everything it needs to deliver results, without worrying about any extra concerns.

Increased Muscle Growth – 50g of blended protein as part of the massive calorie count will go some way to helping you increase the chances of muscle growth during your workout regime!

Replenish Energy Stores – Perfect for cardio-heavy workouts, Serious Mass delivers 250g of carbohydrates to help replace depleted energy stores after a session in the gym.

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